The inbreeding or The specter of the inbreeding 

We read regularly in dogs announces: "Puppys to sell, no inbreeding "Then The buyers are anxious to have a puppy  issued of an inbreeding, because its presented to the public as a default and as a dangerous thing...As they don’t really which could be the danger to have a inbreeding puppy than they want absolutely to avoid the case... For the
majority of breeders of dogs and for many passionates, inbreeding  is and and stays  a specter.  The reasons
against it are nervousness, Anxiety, a subject more fragile a front of diseases, primarily of The Disease “Maladie de Carré”, the weakness General, poor vitality, difficulties to educate correctly the dog,
And so and....
These are certainly the potential consequences of the inbreeding when basic precautions taught by genetics
elementary rules are not followed. But when the inbreeding marriages are done with care and know-how, The consequences of inbreeding can be inverse: Constitution more robust, get-up-and-go,
nervous resistance, Disease resistance, fertility, easier to educate. Only choice of reproductive
influence the results of a inbreeding marriage in a positive or negative sense. We have to clarify what we
heard by large inbreeding - we think about  a close inbreeding or incestuous inbreeding when animals have
very close blood relations. As between brothers and Sisters, father and daughter, mother and son. The
difference is only a question of degrees. Geneticians distinguish some degrees or coefficient of
inbreeding. The mating between brother and sister give an inbreeding coefficient  of 25% and  between half and
Half-sisters an inbreeding  of  only 2.5%.
The inbreeding coefficient correspond to the middle of the relationship degree of the reproductive. For the dogs breeder, these coefficients have no practical sense.

d'après le Bréviaire de l'élevage par le Dr Räber

** photo SIRION Kennel (Poland)


Why I believe so much in inbreeding, personally??

In contrary with all the things we can  read on the net. Written by unqualified personnes, dog inbreeding can be the best thing we can meet. But we must work to develop our knowledges ... it’s important to go ahead, work on precise bloodlines and exploit all
their possibilities .... You should know that the inbreeding  is The best way to determine the qualities
of a bloodline But also its defaults.
The best way to eradicate Defaults in a breed: to use some bloodlines, which have proved their worth in terms of quality.
 To reproduce two dogs origins "lambda" is to love the risk ... Not enough  knowledge of their respective lines and especially
 No guarantees compatibility between the different bloodlines … Anyway all that we can say is a nonsense because if we have a look on  the genealogical history of each bloodline which composes the Skye terrier breed, they have all in their
ancestors the same bloodlines and included in the back of their pedigree some common great names (Merrymount, Meerend, De Luchar, Riceleine etc.…) So consequently, they are all more or less all issued of inbreeding marriage with different degrees ... The greatest kennel believe seriously in inbreeding benefits to ameliorate  breeds and their results speak for themselves ... FINNSKY Viceroy is, what we call in dog language, a "tracer" (influent reproductive). It transmits Most of his qualities and has reproduced  none of
 Venial serious default that could damaged the breed  or influence on  the longevity of the puppy ... He is the father, Grandfather and even the grand-grandfather of many Champions around the world. All his children are confirmed and healthy. He had a Impressive exhibition honors list, was judged by many different judges from several nationalities. The best proof is to remind its brilliant prestation  in the exhibition ( Diamond Jubile of the Skye Terrier Club) which took place directly on the Isle of Skye (85 dogs engaged) and
obtain the best titles in despite of its old age...The good and the beautiful associates ...
 A lot of people are interested in all over the world by having one of its descendant, the proof that they are sure to obtain some goods dogs even if I’m working a lot in inbreeding. A breeder who use to work in inbreeding knows perfectly that the litters will count less puppies than a litter without any notion of in-breeding. They are not so interested by winning a lot of money, no
they are more interested to try to ameliorate the breed. These dogs have constitutions absolutely normal and are not more sick, more crazy than the others puppies without inbreeding. They don’t have a shorter life than the others. inbreeding dogs have no more
luck to be crazy  than the others, if their parents are not. Inbreeding dogs  are not more epileptic than the others, it should be so easy if it sufficient to forbid the in-breeding matting to kills this horrible disease!!!. There is no much risk for an inbreeding puppy to be infected by this disease than an other, there was no more risk of developing this default on an inbreeding dog, if it doesn’t have it in its
origins. The biggest geneticians and veterinarians agree the breeder which choose to work in inbreeding because  it shows this bloodlines  knowledge that he uses, and therefore his work ... Anyway, we, breeders, we do what we can and try to give our best to try to ameliorate the breed but we are human and we can do mistakes... We dream about our next dog marriage and sometimes we are disappointed, but if we do not try some different  experiences, we could certainly not advance and try to ameliorate the breed we love ...
In 19 years of breeding, I never had to constat some prejudicial default on my bloodline (thanks to the breeder who sold me some dogs to arrive at this result)  no grave genetic recessive defaults on the puppies produced. They do not die younger  and do not develop more health problems Than others ... However, one thing is sure: they are well in their mind, too much maybe because they are a little bit too spoiled!!!! (none of my personal dogs, the ones I’ve educate myself or the ones I kept in my kennel has bitten a human or one Congener (without reason) unless normal conditions or clumsiness of a Human as a fall of  the examining table), and I
estimate that I arrived to breed some pleasant dogs with real  Solid morphologies, dark and lively eyes , Complete dentitions, beautiful necks, elegance, fine lines, good hind and forequarters, dresses full of  health Pigmented and excellent, no problems of feet position Or dysphasia etc.
 But then why could we have so many defaults and defect among kings and queens? Because Simply that their bloodlines were not so Free of defects that we would have thought, and that Inbreeding has unfortunately uncovered and fixed the Genetic defects of which they were carrying. All our dogs were detected in the laboratory Antagène in Searching for genetic diseases, and they are unharmed of  all the listed diseases known...
They say to you  that in the nature, animals  avoid by wild instinct to keep in their group some subject too close in relationship... It’s
an heresy ... the dominant hunts the other dominant because in a group there is only one dominant place... In Zoos they use to separate the animals to avoid the inbreeding because they are too closely involved  to know their bloodline and to dare to practice the inbreeding and they don’t want to take any risk by ignorance. They use to work with wild animals who could be dangerous and to fix a character default given by the inbreeding is a too big risk to take. But don’t dream if the animals could have the choice, they won’t mind to practice the inbreeding!!!!! I can assure you that our Viceroy does no difference between its own daughters and  the other bitches. Do not overestimate our animals, they follow their animal instinct.
So if tomorrow someone try to convince you that a kennel might be dangerous because it practices the in-breeding, you can be sure that you’ve met the devil's advocate, that tries to persuade you that
The inbreeding is bad for a breed, take time to read books on the subject, to talk with experts, and you will find that
In 95% of cases, inbreeding is a good thing recognized for the amelioration  of breeds…
But ... it’s always more easy to criticize things we don’t know, always more easy to avoid the things which afraid us...

"Courage, run away!!!!!"

Nathalie DROCHON

 Bébé "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo", the dog with a mirror pedigree ...