The Skye Terrier


The Skye Terrier is, by its very length hair, a special dog. It's a dog easy to keep in good condition of coat. it doesn't need to be trimmed, its coat doesn't need to be cutt, to be powdered… It's not necessary to spend a lot of time on your Skye terrier to keep it in excellente condition of coat.
For Mr. Skye, you need just a minimum of courage and… lots of love and patience!
Serious and care are necessary to give your Skye this extraordinary look and its opulent fur. This marvelous fur, so admired by the public: Ah! … If they knew how easy it can be, without too much difficulties just in respecting few evident rules
A rule of alchemy: 50% of Genetics, 25% of care and 25% of love (yes of love because the Skye terrier unhappy eat the
A wonderful coat like daddy!
You should know, first of all, that everything is a question of genetics: a blood line poor in hair won't give you a full coat dog, except in rare cases. Your pet will arrive to have, at most, a mi-long coat, more or less fragile, lacking thickness and strength. The
Fringes ears, so beautiful, just follow this adage. Parents with thin fringes will never give some beautiful babies full of fringes or
"Bristles" (like all the fans called in the jargon "Skye" because the hair looks like silk of ears). It's true
for the dress, too. Typically, a Skye terrier, who wouldn't have its coats on the ground before three years, it will never have it.
It is easy to see at the root the quality of the future dress. If this is strong and thick, your puppy will have a beautiful coat
later. However, if the hair is thin, soft, scattered, then you can dream having a nice long coat because it'll stay only a dream! Be carrefull more the puppy will need some times to have its dress on the floor (but I speak only for the puppy, not for the adulte)-, more the dress will be beautiful. Provided, however, that the hair is thick at roots. More quickly, it will be on the ground j hear quickly before twelve months, more you'll have the luck to have a thin and fragile dress which will break very often, ad be absolutely hugely at two... So yes, it is spectacular to have a dog twelve months, full of coat with a dress sliding on the floor, but you might be disappointed after...You will certainly  be obliged to sacrifice a dozen centimeters of this coat, Became thin and poor, to find back a beautiful adult dress. Personally, I cut the extremities of my puppies coat, each Months, to help it to get thicker and vitality

The black seems to be so precious

Another detail that can panic the novice, it is the color. All colors are authorized, the own obligation that
Ears,  and if possible the muzzle and the end of the tail are black. The Skyes totality blacks exist and even if they are rare, it is
absolutely not a default and it is not just "acceptable", as I read with horror in an old article. On the contrary, About beautiful black well pigmented , will be highly appreciated by passionate. The dress will be fine (rarely with undercoat) and uniform but will be a little bit more long to grow. Especially among Skyes blond who pass through different colors, more or less attractive, going from red to yellow, but becoming more uniform at about eighteen months, . If you adopt an adult  and if it missed cares and attention, you'll need one year maximum to put it back in condition and to have a sufficient length. In fact, Skye Terrier has the same coat that the other dogs robe and changes its coat twice a year. You will not find real coat on the ground and it's there all the difficulty. The dead coat doesn't always fall and become entangled with the rest of the dress., formatting some big tangles., if you don't brush enough its coat, the dress will be very quickly full of tangles and it will be very difficult to save the dress. If so, do not panic and above all no clipper!
Lock after lock...
Separate the dress in different locks, and begin to work slowly and methodically each of them, keep one of your hand your
hand on the root, to avoid to be too hard with the dog, then gently pull with a comb to remove hairs that are dead
sliding along the living. For the most rebels tangles, take the lock between your thumbs, and to eliminate the tangle essentially composed of death hair, you'll have to  take it off from the alive coat in "tiring up". Finish with your comb.
We must not as for the other log coat breeds, let the Skye terrier oiled without washing. If you decided to oil your coat then you'll be obliged to wash your dog every week and it's not very good for the texture. More the coat will be clean, more it will grow. A dirty coat scratches, itches and smells bad.
it's important to brush your dog very often when it's young, it will be more easy. More the you'll brush your dog better will be the blood circulation, more the coat will be in good health, because the action of an active brushing helps the bloodstream necessary for a perfect skin health, promoting the development of hair follicles
And for the coat's growth, it will be important to use a good protein shampoo especially adapted to the pH of the dog's skin
Never wash a dog with a shampoo for humans (or even with a mild baby shampoo) because our skin and their skin do not have the same PH, which means the same acidity. The dog has a skin less acidic than ours, and you may generate eczema. And then there, the beautiful farewell and competitions; will require at least one year to recover a beautiful hair. The skin of dog is less thick than an human's skin and dogs have more hairs, then it is more fragile.


If your Skye terrier is previous to be shown, cares will be more important and serious. Each week, the animal will be disentangled thoroughly. Never, We'll brush it when the coat will be dry,we'll wet the coat a little with a spray of distilled water. We'll put the dog on the left side, we'll spray the coat to lightly moisten it, and we'll disentangled the dress in beginning by the below gowns and brushing the coat the wrong way.. We will act with a lot of sweetness, taking locks one by one (locks lifted), in order not to pull out too much on the roots, i's break the hair and give some skin irritation. We won't never brush until the extremities of the locks, the brush should leave the fur before it arrives at the end of the locks, if the extremities are damaged, they will  become fragile.  We'll brush with a lot of care between the legs and behind the ears. The hair, in these places is more fragile. the coat is like the silk and then it's extremely fragile. Once, the left side done, we will proceed the same way with the right side. Then we'll cut nails, because too log nails tend to turn the feet and give the illusion of a dog with donkey feet. It also cut the hair between the paws, they will be still in close contact with the ground. You'll brush with a lot of attention the hair feet so that you'll can cut, as regularly as possible.

Attention! You will need to learn how to separate the hairs of those feet of the one of coverage, which is not affected once the dog standing. It is very important to do it before washing because coats are less crazy. you will put the dog on her legs to cut the dress just on the floor. To do this, it will be easier to put the animal at the edge of a table and cut anything that exceeds. It would do the same thing for the round of Paws, this time by equalizing the hair coverage, only in relation to the length of the dress. Regarding the head, we'll brush hairs of the goatee, and we'll equalize them. Attention! The last two operations will be done with great sensitivity and little by little. Even operation for the hindquarters, to help your animal to seem more elegant and slim, its important to take of some thick. You'll do the same operation for the neck to accentuate the length. Then we'll can start the bath...


It will be important to make a shampoo at least every two weeks to rid the animal of dust which accumulates in its coat, which obstructed the skin pores and thus prevents the proper functioning follicles'hair , as well as to mitigate the Pollution cities damaged . We'll must be very careful when we'll rinse. Shampoo poorly rinsed continues to act on the skin and causes
Eczema dramatic. Applying an after shampooing for long hair is essential because it has to let a protect on the coat between two shampoos and avoid the appearance of knots. To let a protect on the coat, we can afford, in contrary of the shampoo, not to rinse all
the after shampooing. This will avoid using a product more or less aggressive and make running water in the ears and eyes. After these operations, we'll can use a towel to take off the coat the rest of the water, very carefully because the fiber capillary can be broken! A final small gesture indispensable: move very slowly with a coton in ears, to remove water that could generate an ear infection. We'll let the dog dry naturally, then the coat won't be damaged by the heat of the drier. Warning: it will be necessary to keep your pet inside until it'll be absolutely dry.


We'll do some lowly retouching to the lengths of hair. Very lowly retouching, as a old fifteen days cut seems more
Naturally. To shampoo, it will be a product for hard hair which will give some straight and will respect the texture of a presumed terrier (This kind of Shampoo is not good for the care between shows because it has the effect of drying the hair), It will be important, this time to rinse perfectly the after shampoo, you'll do after this shampoo, otherwise, might seems more or less greasy. we'll use the towel on the coat very carefully just in touching it to take off the maximum of water...
You'll Install the dog on the grooming table, lying on its side for brushing, with a fresh dryer heat. We'll brush the dog,
Area by area, in wrong way of the hair. It will be very important to dry legs and feet very carefully, because if they were still wet,
They could make a bad fold impede on the beautiful final falling of the dress.
the same day as the show , it will be drawn a fine line in the middle of the coat, from the extremity of the muzzle to the extremity of the tail.... Please note: this line will be automatic, it will be just necessary to help it to be absolutely perfect.... This must skate from nose to tip of tail. You'll fix it with a little bit of fixation spray.
The day after the show, it will be necessary to bath the dog another time by applying a moisturizer nutritious. The lacquer having very negative effects on fur. It should be noted, of course, that the more you wash a Skye terrier, it'll possible for the hair to grow faster but we'll, quite significantly, change the texture, the hair will become more softy and therefore more fragile. This hair "denatured" will be untangled faster as the one of a dog washed less frequently.

For the lucky dog that will not be previous to be shown in beauty exhibitions, we can content ourselves with the procedure known as "maintenance" and this, at least once a month. A little more for the dog living in towns. It'll be not really necessary (even if it is better for the health of the hair), to wash the dog hairs especially  every weeks, once every two weeks will be normally enough, and contrary to what we can think, except frequent washings frequently, the Skye hairs does not tangle. It is a harsh coat hair therefore, very hard, or more or less rough… except of course, during the short periods of shedding, where vigilance will be required.
A final important point in the care of your pet is to combat fleas, with efficacity.

Attention! The Skye is allergic to flea bites that cause in his coat some fur lost very impressive and devastating.

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